Engaging the existing Network of Masajid for Peace and Progress in Pakistan


The goal of the project is Harnessing the Effectiveness of Masajid for Peace, Prosperity, Development and Social Transformation in Pakistan


Harnessing the Effectiveness of Masajid for Peace, Prosperity, Development and Social Transformation in Pakistan


  • To expand the scope of Ulama and development model to the lowest tier of mohalla level in the province of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, FATA and in Pakistan at a later stage.
  • Provide an opportunity to the network members to play a more significant role in the development and social transformation process on local level.
  • To facilitate the registration and regularization of Masajid in a collaborative manner and enhance the say of locals in its management and oversight.
  • To enable the local Masajid to collect their own donations and establish a mechanism for its judicious utilization for education, health, income generation and other issues at their respective localities.
  • To set up a mechanism for the self-driven awareness raising, development and oversight at the local level.
  • To provide a forum for the development and implementation of policy reforms for the religious sector and the related government departments.
  • To serve as a bridge between religious institutions and government, civil society groups and international organizations.

Activities of the Project:

Phase 1:
  • Consultation with the NRDF network members for devising a future line of action
  • Meetings with Ulama and local communities for discussing a way forward
  • Devising a draft frame work for the regularization and functioning of Masajid network
  • Updating the existing data bank of Masajid of NRDF through registration of new mosques
  • Developing draft TORís for the Masajid
  • Lobbying with policy and decision makers in government for highlighting the need to harness the effectiveness of Masajid for Peace, Progress, Development and Social Transformation in the country
  • Developing outline for training modules for the training of Aimmah (plural of Imam) Masajid
  • Develop outline for the reading material on social issues for the use of Aimmah Masajid
  • Identifying potential partners to support Aimmah training courses, publishing and disseminating of material, launching a full pledge advocacy campaign and other activities under the initiative.
  • Bringing government and other interested national and international organizations on board
Phase 2:
  • The phase 2 activities will be finalized during phase 1 of the project.Consultation with the NRDF network members

Duration of the Project:

July I, 2014 to June 30, 2017


NRDF and its network members