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Aimmah Training Report

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Aimmah Training Report

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General Objectives

The primary objective of the training was to make the Aaimmah development oriented. The following two sub-objectives of the training were formulated:

  1. To develop an appropriate attitude towards development with communication skills in the Aaimmah for educating the people;
  2. To enhance the capacity of the Aaimmah to participate and involve people in the development process based on the needs of general public.

Specific Objectives

  1. To enable the Aaimmah to have a chance of further learning in the religious as well as other worldly disciplines
  2. To help Ulama understand the concept of development in general and in the Islamic perspective in particular.\
  3. To define a role model for Aaimmah in social transformation and integration of religious institutions network.
  4. To enable the Aaimmah to listen to the representatives of NGOs and other organisations and familiarise them with the functions of these organisations.
  5. To provide the Aaimmah a chance to interact with personnel of NGOs and other organisations and hold discussion on the topic of mutual interest.
  6. To enable the Aaimmah to enhance their skills in communication, social interaction and expression.
  7. To help the Aaimmah judge the attitude of the more learned personnel and adopt a positive and constructive attitude.