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Strengthening Moderation and Pluralism in Pakistan

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Strengthening Moderation and Pluralism in Pakistan

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Views of Religious Leaders on Population Programme


  1. To promote peace, tolerance and create intra/inter-faith harmony amongst the Muslims and non-Muslims citizens of Pakistan.
  2. To encourage the scholars, intellectual and moderate Ulama for addressing the problems related to religious sector from within and prepare a reform agenda.
  3. To pave way for the integration of religious institutions in the process of socio-economic development through social transformation.
  4. To build the capacity of Ulama to interact with outside world and reflect on local issues according to the modern interpretation of teaching of Quran based on advance knowledge and research available to them.


The project is envisaged to comprise the following strategies and activities:

Strategy 1:

  • Establishing and Supporting Network of Moderate Elements

Strategy 2:

  • Capacity building and Awareness Raising
  • English Language Course for Ulama
  • Aaimmah Training Courses

Strategy 3:

Networking and Dissemination of Information

  • Exposure visits for Ulama
  • Dissemination of Information

Strategy 4:

Support to Female Religious Groups

  • Special training Courses for Female Religious Groups
  • Weekly Daroos on Developmental and Peace Issues