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Involvement of Ulama in Polio Vaccination and Immunization

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Seventeen Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 6 Tribal Agencies of FATA


  •  To map well renowned Ulama in the target districts/Agencies
  •  To constitute District/Agency wise core groups to play a leadership role in improving accessibility & coverage of Vaccination campaigns,
  •  To involve Ulama in addressing refusals and sustaining same in future
  •  To Utilize services of Ulama to effectively communicate PEI/EPI related messages to local communities through Sermons


  •  Sensitization Meetings with UlamaUlama Administering Polio Campaigns
  •  District and Agency Congregations
  •  Provincial Congregations
  •  Monthly Media Briefings
  •  Mass Meetings
  •  Documenting and Disseminating Success Stories
  •  Sermons of Ulama in Support of Polio Vaccination and immunization
  •  Facilitation of Polio and immunization Campaigns in Local Communities
  •  Networking with Stakeholder
  •  Development of Awareness Aids


  •  Mapping exercise was conducted and identified 2154 Ulama in 22 selected districts and agencies of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and FATA for involving in the project activities.
  •  The Provincial and Districts Core Group of Ulama hold individual consultation meetings with 6078 mapped Ulama and won their support for Polio vaccination and immunization of children in target area.
  •  Constituted District Core Group in each of the selected district and agency and total 154 Ulama were taken on board in selected places where opposition to polio vaccination was common.
  •  Organized 29 congregations of Ulama at district/agency level in which 2814 Ulama participated and endorsed their support for vaccination and immunization.
  •  Organized a grand congregation of Ulama at provincial level in which more than 800 Ulama of province and FATA participated.
  •  Forty Ulama from the target area was awarded with shields in recognition of their outstanding contribution to EPI/PEI activities.
  •  130 media briefings were organized on the district/agency and provincial level to disseminate EPI/PEI messages to general public.
  •  1500 wall clocks containing key messages of EPI/PEI were distributed among the mapped Ulama.
  •  Over 30,000 refusals were covered during the short span of one year. This include 8453 chronic religious refusals directly covered by field staff of the project.
  •  A small scale monitoring has confirmed that 3154 Ulama of KPK and FATA has included the key EPI/PEI messages in their sermons. The estimated direct audience of these sermons is calculated to be over 800,000 individuals.
  •  Regularly published a quarterly newsletter “Salam” and shared its copies with all the mapped Ulama and other partner organizations.

Project Period:

November 2009 till date


Directorate of Health Services, Government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Directorate of Health Services FATA, UNICEF and WHO Peshawar, Pakistan.