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Provision of Consultancy Services

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Provision of Consultancy Services

Women Rights and Human Rights Booklets Project was a research-based project with the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC) for compiling booklets on Women Rights and Human Rights. The booklets were distributed in working areas of SDC in the country to inform their staff about socio-cultural norms and strands of a traditionally sensitive and diverse society (2004).

Child Labor Law and its Enforcement Mechanism in Pakistan was a research project conducted in collaboration with International Labour Organization (June 1 to July 30, 2003).

NRDF provided consultancy services to Forestry Sector Project (FSP) to prepare and implement a Capacity Building plan for staff of various categories of the Department of Forest, Fisheries and Livestock (DFFW) and Local Communities as per their training needs and to impart training to the identified staff (August 1999-March 2000).

Provision of Consultancy Services in HRD sector to the World Bank, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), UNICEF and GoNWFP funded Community Infrastructure Project (CIP) NWFP. During this consultancy, training needs assessment of the representatives of local communities and project staff was conducted. Development of new training materials, updating of existing guidelines, training plans for the CIP staff and consultants; conduction of training courses for CIP engineers, coordinators, social organizers and local activists in project management, communication, health, hygiene and sanitation education and other relevant areas; linkages building with other training institutions and arranging the exchange orientation visits in other provinces of community participation projects were the main activities undertaken during the consultancy (January to July 1997).

The NRDF provided consultancy services to the provincial Health Department to conduct a Study and Design for Integration of Communicable Diseases Control Program (CDC) at Field and Supervisory Level in NWFP. The objective of the assignment was to review the services offered by the Health Department for CDC in the province, to enlist the types and number of health workers engaged in offering the services, to analyze these programs from the point of view of performance and service provision, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to recommend to the Health Department a revised version of service/manpower mix cost effective strategy for the control of CDC with minimum short fall and negative implications. The assignment was completed for the Family Health Project, NWFP from March 1998 to June 1999.

Training Need Assessment Survey of Health Staff in the province:

In collaboration with the World bank funded Family Health Project, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to establish baseline data on health staff training and knowledge; to identify the weaknesses in Primary Health Care (PHC) training, investigate staff preference for the training methodologies; and to assess the level of knowledge of medical and paramedical staff, with particular reference to the job requirement for PHC (March to October 1996).

Development of a Management Information System (MIS) for a Peshawar based NGO, working for women empowerment through socio-economic and environmental interventions in the rural areas of four districts of NWFP. The job involved proposal development, analysis of monitoring system, development of monitoring indicators and designing of a standardized and coherent MIS in line with the developmental objectives of the NGO (December to February 1996).

NRDF served as resource to support and facilitate the Evaluation of primary Education and Livestock Development projects in NWFP. A consulting team carried out the evaluation for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (20th to 30th December 1994).