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English Language - Cultural Interaction Course for Ulama

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British Council Peshawar


  •  To enhance the listening, speaking and reading skills of Ulama in English language.
  •  To provide the participants of the course an opportunity to practice speaking and listening English language during the course with native as well as British people in a real situation.
  •  To provide learning and information sharing environment to the participants of the course.
  •  To expose the information technology that is used in the British Council library and Information Service to the participants of the course.
  •  To offer to the participants an exposure to the British culture and exchange of ideas through use of material during the course.
  •  To rationalize gender sensitivity in the participants by their interaction with female s and staff of the British Council.


  •  Selection of groups of fifteen to twenty persons for the English language course
  •  To ensure their Participation in the Courses
  •  To Identify Foreigners Teachers for Imparting Training
  •  To design curricula for the courses
  •  Conduct Courses
  •  Preparing Reports of the Courses


  •  12 courses each one of Five days/30 Hours were organized
  •  A total number of 240 Ulama, Imams/Khateebs and female clerics attended the events
  •  Female Western Teachers imparted all the training courses
  •  The English Language/Cultural interaction courses greatly facilitated dialogue and discussion on vital issues

Project Period:

March 6, 2000 to December 2003


British Council Peshawar-Pakistan and Small Grant Program of US Embassy