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Gender Gap in Primary Education, Kohat District

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Kohat District


  •  Reduce Gender Gap in Primary Education in Kohat by 25% in 1999 from existing level.


  •  To increase primary school participation by increasing enrollment for children aged 5 to 9 years.
  •  To reduce the gender gap in primary education
  •  To reduce dropout rate
  •  To find out about the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Ulama regarding girlsí education


  •  A group of 50 religious persons were selected to constitute as sample for the KAP study. Criteria for selection were to ensure that the sample group is as truly representative of the target group as possible; as such the group members were picked up from all areas and schools of thought in the target district. The respondents are affiliated with madrasís, mosque or in their individual capacity. In all 44 institutions including 36 madrasís were visited in connection with this study.
  •  A questionnaire was developed.
  •  Personal interviews were held with 50 respondents randomly selected (based on criteria).

Project Period:

21 May 1999 to December 31, 1999