NRDF - National Research & Development Foundation, Peshawar


Involving Ulama in Environmental Rehabilitation

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District Peshawar.


  •  Educate and sensitize Ulama on a variety of new concepts and approaches to environmental rehabilitation.
  •  Identify supportive Ulama and establish and strengthen their linkages with other development projects and programmes.
  •  Get feedback on the project for its replication in other areas
  •  Elicit their support for ensuring a better environment while utilizing their strengths as effective local communicators for environmental messages to the common people.


  •  2 roundtable meetings.
  •  2 seminars/workshops
  •  Surveys of Madaris in District Peshawar.
  •  Articles in Magazines
  •  Compilation of an Evaluation Report on the Project.


  •  Two roundtable meetings conducted and 35 Ulama participated in these meetings.
  •  Three workshops conducted and 98 Ulama participated in the workshops.
  •  Two interactive meetings held and 51 participants attend the meetings.
  •  Conduct a survey of Madaris in District Peshawar.
  •  Prepare and published a book titled “Ulama and Environment”.

Project Period:

6 Months start from February 15, 1998


International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), Pakistan