NRDF - National Research & Development Foundation, Peshawar


Aima Involvement in the Development Process in Pakistan

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Districts (Peshawar, Mardan, Malakand, Abbotabad, Mansehra and Bannu)


  •  Expose Ulama to a variety of new concepts and approaches to community development work.
  •  Enhance and improve their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of the development process in NWFP.
  •  Provide them with a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in relation to their role and responsibilities in the development process.
  •  Identify supportive Ulama and establish and strengthen their links with other development projects and programmes.
  •  To determine a set of recommendations to reorient religious leaders/Maulvies and elicit their support for addressing the issues related to rural development, population menace, environmental degradation, and Women in Development with a particular focus on their human, legal, civic, economic, and social rights.


  •  Conducted workshops/Seminars for Ulama of the Project Area


  •  Six workshops conducted for the Ulama and more than 200 Ulama participated in these workshops
  •  Comprehensive recommendation for the involvement of Ulama developed and published in the form of a booklet titled “Ulama and Development”

Project Period:

1, 1997 to December, 1997