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Promoting Peace and Tolerance in Pakistani Madaris

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Peace in Madaris Education


  •  Sensitization Meetings with Female and Male Clerics
  •  Meetings with Leaders of Madaris
  •  Workshop with Teachers and Directors of Madaris on Divisional Levels
  •  Provincial Level Workshop with Teachers of Female Madaris
  •  National Level Workshop with the Leaders of Madaris


  •  Sensitization meetings with over 200 female and male clerics and their support was ensured for participation in the project activities
  •  The decision makers of Madaris was brought on board to evolve recommendation for reforms in the Madaris
  •  Six divisional level workshops organized with teachers and directors of Madaris
  •  One workshop with teachers of Female Madaris organized. Female clerics from all over NWFP attended the event
  •  A national level workshop with the leaders of Madaris held. Clerics from all faiths attended the event
  •  Comprehensive reports on reforms in female and male Madaris prepared and shared with participants and leaders of Madaris
  •  A Peace Manual for Madaris teachers developed and shared with leaders of Madaris
  •  The consultation and subsequent reform package for Madaris has greatly paved the way for bringing changes in their 200 years old educational curriculum

Project Period:

May 2003 to August 2004


Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Pakistan and the United States Institute for Peace.