NRDF - National Research & Development Foundation, Peshawar


Community Mobilization and Involving Imams in Anti Trafficking (COMPIAT) Project in Bangladesh

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  •  To share their experiences of working with Ulama in Pakistan
  •  Provide to UDDIPAN staff and a core group of Imams guidance on strategic program interventions
  •  To come up with concrete recommendations and frame work for the preparation of second phase to the project.
  •  makes detailed recommendations to UDDIPAN for ways to expand their pioneer program through necessary modifications in the current program for future successes in building local ownership and greater program sustainability.


  •  Meetings
  •  debriefing Meetings with UDDIPAN and AED staff
  •  Delivering two Presentations at the COMPIAT National Imam Convention
  •  Organizing a Vision Planning workshop
  •  Review of field program in four locations (Chokaria, Cox’s Bazaar, Remu, Barapara/Comila District).
  •  Meeting with Project Partners
  •  Meetings with senior government officials


  •  Exchanged views in relation to program
  •  Hold In-depth discussion with project staff and partners on various components and activities of the project
  •  Review of field programs conducted
  •  Delivered presentation on Ulama and Development model and women rights in Islam
  •  Facilitated the visioning workshop with Ulama
  •  Prepared a comprehensive report covering aspects of COMPIAT project along with concrete recommendation for the way forward

Project Period:

March 2006


The Academy for Educational Development (AED)/ Bangladesh