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Universal Birth Registration and the Involvement of Ulama

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Buner, Shangla, Kohistan and Dir Upper districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  •  Sensitize Ulama on issues relating to birth registration, children’s rights and utilizing their services to communicate these messages to local communities.
  •  Enhancing the capacity of Ulama to effectively take up birth registration related issues
  •  Facilitating Ulama to advocate the rights of children and the need for birth registration


  •  Identify supportive Friday Prayer Leaders (Aimmah and Khutiba) in the identified districts and involving them in the advocacy for birth registration.
  •  Arrange a TOT and orientation training workshops for Ulama at district level.
  •  Chalk out a comprehensive plan for utilizing the services of Ulama to deliver motivational sermons on birth registration in their respective areas.
  •  Monitor the project and provide feedback to Plan and its partners on regular basis.
  •  Assess the impact of the project and making recommendation for a future strategy


  •  Core group formed and is actively implementing the project
  •  Individual meetings with 25 senior religious leaders at various levels in each of the four districts held
  •  Four district level meetings held with Ulama in four districts. 100 Ulama attended these events.
  •  Linkages with senior clerics maintained.
  •  The core group Ulama delivered over 192 sermons in various mosques and Madaris in the four districts.
  •  20 articles in the magazines of Madaris published.
  •  Over 20 Madaris are regularly teaching the child rights in their Madaris.
  •  Eight one-day Aimmah courses held. 160 clerics attended.
  •  One TOT course conducted. 20 Ulama attended the course.
  •  A total of 104 sermons by female clerics delivered.
  •  The BR issues are included in 1600 sermons by Aimmah on local level.
  •  12 quarterly meetings in all the identified districts held and over 2400 clerics attended.
  •  Khutiba conference organized. 300 Ulama attended.
  •  An efficient reporting system designed and is functioning.
  •  A mechanism is in place to judge the effectiveness of the program.
  •  Four quarterly reports prepared and shared with Plan Pakistan.
  •  Evaluation conducted and its report available.

Project Period:

Six Months, May 26, 2006 to November 30, 2006


Plan Pakistan