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Role of Religious Scholars in the Elimination of Bonded Labour

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Mansehra, Bannu, Abbotabad, Haripur, Peshawar and Batagram Districts.


  •  Expose Ulama to issues and concepts of bonded labour, worker rights and child labour.
  •  Enhance and improve their knowledge and understanding of International Mechanism and national legal instruments in relation to violation of fundamental human and basic labour rights.
  •  Raise Ulama level of awareness about socio-economic implications of bonded labour and related issues.
  •  Help them contextualize the content of information shared with them on different topics in Islamic perspective on the issue at hand.
  •  Provide them with a forum to exchange ideas and experience in relation to their roles and responsibilities in addressing the issue of bonded labour as individuals and as an institution
  •  Elicit their support and cooperation in awareness of masses about the issue of bonded labour through their Friday sermons (Khutbas) and congregations
  •  Inculcate and strengthen voluntary spirit in Ulama to disseminate their knowledge base on bonded labour and issues pertaining to workers rights and child Labour.


  •  Preparation and Dissemination of Model Khutba
  •  Workshops on Bonded Labour Related Issues
  •  Advocacy by Imams and Khutiba
  •  Monitoring the Advocacy Efforts of Ulama


  •  Hold individual and group meetings with over 20 senior religious leaders at provincial, district and local levels with an aim to elicit their support for the project.
  •  Prepared a model Khutba and reference material and disseminated to over 400 Ulama
  •  Reoriented three hundred and seventy six Ulama on bonded labour issues through six workshops in all the six selected districts.
  •  The Ulama who attended the workshops delivered over 400 sermons on bonded labour related issues in their respective jurisdictions.
  •  Progress and final report of the project was prepared and submitted to ILO in accordance with the reporting procedure laid out in the Service Contract.
  •  An effective monitoring system was designed for collecting data from the field and preparing updates and progress reports for record and onward sharing.

Project Period:

January 1 to June 2009


International Labour Organization (ILO)