NRDF - National Research & Development Foundation, Peshawar


Advocacy for Reproductive Health and Population Issues

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All over Pakistan


  •  To form and support the provincial and national level networks of moderate religious scholars to support activities in the population and development sector.
  •  To pave way for the integration of religious institutions in the process of development and utilize their strengths for communication at grass roots level to facilitate social transformation.
  •  To support and facilitate the female religious groups to play a more meaningful role in ensuring gender justice.
  •  To expand the consultative process with the moderate religious institutions and reinforcing it through the formation of provincial and national level think tanks and networks for addressing the issues related to population and development programs.
  •  To organize provincial level workshops of intellectuals, scholars, knowledgeable members of politico-religious groups, academicians, development workers, media professionals, officials of population welfare department, representatives of women for deliberation concerning reforms in the socio-religious sector.
  •  To develop a workable and acceptable package for reconstruction of religious thoughts in social development in general and population and development in particular.
  •  To create awareness amongst the masses through the channels used by the Ulama regarding Islam and population and development.
  •  To enhance the capacity of local influential leaders like Aimmah of mosques, Local Councilors, officials of population welfare department NGO/CBO workers and female religious groups through provision of training for networking and awareness raising.


  •  Establishing and Supporting Network of Moderate Elements
  •  National and Provincial Level Workshops
  •  Formation of Think Tanks
  •  Capacity Building and Awareness Raising
  •  Training Courses for Aimmah Mosques
  •  Orientation Sessions for Elected Councilors and NGOs
  •  Networking and Dissemination of Information
  •  Exposure visits for Ulama
  •  Up gradation and publication of Research and its Dissemination
  •  Special training Courses for Female Religious Groups
  •  Capacity Building of NRDF Staff
  •  Up gradation of Library


  •  Four Provincial Level Workshops conducted in Abbotabad, Karachi, Lahore and Quetta.
  •  One National Level Workshop conducted in Islamabad.
  •  Arranged Meetings with Senior Representatives of Religio Political Groups.
  •  An exposure visit to the international agencies and NGO’s, in Islamabad, was organized for 20 parliamentarians belonging to the MMA government. Two minorities, two female MPAs and one female member of the National assembly were also included in the group. The agencies visited were UNFPA, USAID, NORAD, TVO, RSDP, CRS, TAF, SDC and British High Commission.
  •  The NRDF staff has gone through the process of on job training and attended a number of workshops and seminars being organized by the national and international organizations
  •  The research material produced by NRDF was distributed to Ulama who are utilizing it for delivering sermons in local communities.

Project Period:

April 2003 to October 2003


UNFPA Pakistan