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Integrating HIV/AIDS Awareness into Ongoing Madrassa Programs

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  •  To convince the Madrassa management, teachers and parents of talibs/students about the threat of HIV/AIDS and improve their understanding of the disease.
  •  To develop culturally sensitive needs based training curricula on HIV/AIDS and related issues which enable Madrassa students to protect themselves and their peers from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS specifically.
  •  To help Madras’s management to implement one year pilot project/program to further disseminate HIV/AIDS prevention messages.


  •  Conducting Training Need Assessment of student and teachers of Madaris
  •  Conduct TOT for Madaris teachers
  •  Development of IEC material for use of Madrassa students
  •  Coordination with senior teachers of Madras’s
  •  Ensure smooth implementation of pilot projects with Madras’s


  •  Four Capacity Building Workshop held in Madaris for Disseminating HIV/AIDS Messages.
  •  Established a Formal Youth Assembly Groups in Madaris. 50 students volunteered to be its members.
  •  Peer Education programs conducted in Madaris
  •  Over 270 Ulama, Khutiba, students and teachers of Madaris, official of TB Control Program and staff of GTZ/STCP and NRDF attended the provincial launching ceremony of the project.
  •  24 capacity building workshops were organized for the 560 religious clerics.
  •  Ulama actively supported the elimination of TB and advocacy its causes. They delivered over 800 sermons in support of TB patients and urging local communities to cooperate the
  •  District level meeting held. 687 Ulama attended these events TB Control Program. The estimated audience of these sermons was calculated to be 160,000 individuals.
  •  Ulama increasingly utilized their FM channels to spread the new information they acquired by attending the meetings and participating in the discussion with DTBO’s and NRDF staff. The NRDF on the basis of the following criteria jointly developed by GTZ/STCP, PTBCP and NRDF recommended the names of six Ulama for receiving awards in order to acknowledge their voluntary services to the project.

Project Period:

July 15, 2003 to June 30, 2004


CRS and AMAL Project