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Co-curricular Events at GPS Gangi Khil Tehsil Wana & GPS Sharif Khil Tehsil Birmal South Waziristan Agency

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Co-curricular events were organized at GPS Gangi Khel Tehsil wana & GPS Sharif Khil Tehsil Birmal SWA. School Teachers, TIJ members, Tribal elders, and NRDF agency staff participated in the events. Naat, Urdu speech, Creative writing, drawing, & indoor gamesí competitions were conducted.

Thirty students have participated in the activities while some out of school girls were also invited to participate. During the event, seventeen out of school were identified and a strategy was planned to reach those children and parents for convincing and eventually enrolling into school. A local elder, Maulana Abdul Qadir and Abdul Aziz has highlighted the importance of healthy competitions in schools.

Co-Curricular ActivitiesCo-Curricular Activities at SWA

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