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Media Briefings - 25th Dec, 2010

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Media Briefings:

Media BriefingsMonthly briefings on the provincial and district/agency level will be arranged for the core groups and other prominent Ulama on EPI/PEI. These briefings aim to highlight their efforts for the elimination of polio, creating demand for vaccination and enhancing the coverage of EPI/PEI campaigns. A total of 55 events on the provincial and district/agency levels will be arranged during the project period. These events expect wide coverage in the print and electronic media and will greatly contribute to further boost momentum of the project.

Training of key journalist from Provincial and target districts will also be conducted. Documenting and Disseminating Success Stories The NRDF team will document success stories of the project and will use print and electronic media for its wider dissemination. At least five success stories will be documented in each district/agency and these will be disseminated as best practices of the project.

A 10-15 minutes video documentary in support of PEI/EPI activities and the role of Ulama will also be made. The services of a professional and experienced firm will be hired to accomplish the task. This documentary will also be shown to the participants of various project activities. Polio awareness campaign by Ulama Members of district/agency core groups and mapped Ulama will take active part to deliver sermons on Friday and other occasions in support of PEI/EPI activities. To facilitate this end, a model Khutba will be developed and shared with the identified Ulama during individual meetings and other interactions with them. A calendar showing the timings of five and Friday prayers with PEI/EPI messages will be developed for display in mosques of the target area.