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Provincial Congregation - 27th Feb, 2010

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Provincial Congregation:

A provincial congregation will be arranged in the first quarter of the project in Peshawar Over 500 Ulama from the selected districts and agencies will be invited to attend the event. Senior Islamic scholars, government officials and representatives of UNICEF and WHO will be invited to speak on various aspects of vaccination in the gathering.Provincial Congregation

A declaration will be agreed and adopted by the participating Ulama of the event. Special arrangements will be made for coverage of event in electronic and print media. It is expected that the success of this event will give an immense boost to the PEI/EPI activities in the province and particularly in the selected districts/agencies . District/Agency Congregations Congregations of Ulama will be arranged in all the selected District/agency. Over 80 Ulama including the mapped one will be invited to attend the gatherings. Senior Islamic scholars of repute will address these gatherings.

In addition, members of the provincial pool of Ulama, health experts, staff of UNICEF and WHO will also be invited to share their views with the participating Ulama regarding various aspects of vaccination, its importance and the role of Ulama in promoting its use. A declaration in support of PEI/EPI will be agreed and adopted by the participants during the gathering.

Media coverage of the events will also be ensured. The success of this event will greatly boost the efforts of local Ulama in raising awareness on the subject. Development and dissemination of material with EPI/PEI messages Wall clocks (one main clock and 6 small clocks as prayers calendar) with EPI & PEI messages will be developed and distributed among big madrassas and mosques. Quarterly newsletter will also be developed and dessimianted among key stakeholders.