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Financial Operational Capacity

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Financial Operational Capacity

Financial, Administrative and Operational Capacity: NRDF believe in transparency and accountability in every sphere of its functioning including maintaining its financial and accounting system. To this effect it has got registration with Registrar Joint Stock Companies and has developed administrative and accounts manuals to standardize its functioning. The accounts file for all the completed projects are maintained for up to five years.

Description of Financial Management System:

The key features of the financial and accounts management system include the following:

Maintaining Accurate, Current, and Complete Records: The NRDF maintains a systematic financial record to accurately account for grants/funds received/awarded to it and all expenditures incurred. These records include both NRDF national funds & Donors funds/ grants. The NRDF keeps reporting on a Cash basis, the NRDF establishes a Cash Accounting System & develop such Cash basis data for its reports on the basis of an analysis of the documentation at hand. The NRDF maintains records that adequately identify the source and application of funds for its own initiated and Donor-sponsored activities. These records contain information pertaining to authorizations, obligations, un-obligated balances, assets, Consumable & Non-Consumable inventory and income / funds.

Separate Bank Accounts for Projects:

NRDF maintain separate bank account for each of its project. All the funds/grants it receive are specifically budgeted &/or received for one project is not used to support another without prior written approval of the awarding donors.

Effective Control and Accountability of Funds:

NRDF has an organized system to maintain effective control over the use of funds and ensure its accountability, property, and other assets including Consumable & Non-Consumable inventory. The NRDF adequately safeguards all such assets and ensures that they are used solely for authorized purposes.

Maintaining Supporting Documents:

All the accounting records of NRDF are supported by source documentation while following standard rules and procedures. The records of all costs incurred under the fund/ grant maintain compliance with international principles of accounting & other National legislation and facilitate an effective internal & external audit.

Computer Based Accounting:

The NRDF has developed computerized software for maintaining its financial transactions and accounting records. This includes acknowledgment vouchers, cash and bank vouchers, cash book, bank books, ledger, donors reporting, staff profiles and daily attendance sheets on the basis of which monthly salaries are disbursed

Timely Completion of Records and its Reporting:

As a policy measure itís obligatory for the NRDF accounts staff to complete all the record in time. It has develop a software for the purpose that is capable to generate, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for sharing with its donors, management and board members.

Compliance with the Agreements: NRDF strictly follow all the terms of agreement it agree with its donors for maintaining account records. The national legal and tax regulations are also adhered to.

Regular Annual Audits:

NRDF regularly conduct internal and external annual audits and share its copies with the relevant authorities and donors.


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