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Working Strategy

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Working Strategy:

To realize its objectives NRDF is working both at micro and macro levels. On micro level it facilitate the physical well being of local communities through resource mobilization and networking them with other resourceful organization; Local organization strengthening by providing local groups with technical and other necessary assistance; and community empowerment through provision of information on issues and facilitating a joint local action to overcome the prevailing hazardous. It also forms strategic alliances with other like-minded NGOs/CBOs and community groups, which are better placed to tackle the question of public policy.

On macro level it addresses the issues that have a bearing on equity, poverty, accountability, transparency, legitimacy and sustainability. This is done through lobbying politicians, government functionaries, decision-makers, religio-political, religious clerics, media and other pressure groups.

NRDF approaches the local communities through local clerics and help motivate them to identify and priorities their problems, assess their resources and plan its utilization towards solving their common problems. NRDF as partner in their development efforts supports and facilitate their initiatives by providing them necessary assistance by bringing the professionals, resourceful individuals, national and international organizations, media, as well as government agencies to the needy communities. NRDF plays the role of a catalyst organization in the formation and strengthening of local networks as well as support their activities till they assume the responsibilities NRDF is performing for them now.


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